Collection: Reductions

Enjoy great discounts with our end of line and Not Quite Perfect collections

Featuring end of lines and reduced products from A Slice of Green, as well as some 'Not Quite Perfect' items we want to go to a good home.

What are Not Quite Perfect products?

From time to time, some of our products don't quite pass our strict quality control. As a sustainable business, it's important to us that nothing usable gets thrown away, and that's where our 'Not Quite Perfect' collection fits in.

All of the Not Quite Perfect products we sell are still completely 'fit for purpose'. It is part of our Not Quite Perfect because perhaps the clips are a little tight (they will become less tight with use), the packaging is loose or there is a small cosmetic mark or scratch.

Please note - because these items are sold as Not Quite Perfect, we cannot accept returns unless the product is faulty and not 'fit for purpose'.