A Slice of Green Leak Resistant Containers - Re-inserting The Seal

We make the seal in the A Slice of Green Leak Resistant Lunch boxes removable for two reasons:

- so it is easy to remove and wash.
- we didn’t want to have the seal stuck in with an ‘unknown' adhesive.

We include a diagram on the packaging to show how the seal should be reinserted see below.




The most important thing is that the seal is inserted with the widest side facing down. The seal should be pressed into the groove, starting in one corner and then pushed in as you go around. It should be simply pressed in, not stretched, as otherwise it will appear to be too long.










It is also important that the seal or box is not greasy. It must be clean of food - if there is still some oil from when it has been used from food with a sauce it will not stay in. Please make sure it is cleaned properly.

You can find a video showing the seal being removed and reinserted here:

As you will have seen we also include a spare seal in the box so that if one seal becomes damaged or gets lost, the box can still be used. We also sell spare seals in our spares section.

Finally just a little reminder that our lunchboxes are not sold as 'leak proof' - we just can't guarantee that with a product like this made partly by hand in India (these are not made in a precision Chinese factory!). They are designed to be 'leak resistant' only - and we would always recommend keeping upright when put into a bag (and not using for anything such as soup).

We hope this information helps you to use your lunch box for many years to come but if you do have any further questions please send us an email