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A Slice of Green

'The One And Only' Olive Oil Soap: Aegean Sea

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Blended exclusively for A Slice of Green.

A collaboration with Helleo, a small, creative, sustainable business located on the Greek island of Crete, producing high-quality natural, handmade soaps from organic extra virgin olive oil. Olive Oil Soaps are some of the mildest, most hydrating and highest quality soaps that can be made.

And this blend is the 1st half of our 2-part collection, created exclusively to capture the essence of Crete! In the words of our producer, Manos: "We were born near the turquoise sea, in secluded breathtaking beaches, surrounded by pines and junipers, feeling the sand on our feet, smelling the salt and sunburned herbs in the air, watching Europe and big waves coming from the north, starring Africa and the stars coming from the South. Let us share this experience on our beloved island of Crete with you. Hope you enjoy it!"

  • Suitable for all skin types / daily use / face, body and hair.
  • With Juniper, Sea Kelp, Flower of Salt.
  • Promotes hair growth & healthy skin.

Ingredients: Organic extra virgin olive oil, Virgin coconut oil, Local flower of salt, Organic sea kelp, Wild thyme, Wild summer savory, Green clay, Essential oils: Cedarwood, Juniper, Pine, Mint, Lemongrass